Accessories for your Mousetrapper

At Mousetrapper, we are attentive to details, but we also think about the bigger picture. An interplay between several elements is required to create a sustainable and healthy workplace. An ergonomic workplace is important for enabling us to perform and feel our best. Sit-stand desks, regular breaks and ergonomic exercises are important components for a healthy environment.

Mousetrapper’s principal product is an ergonomic mouse designed to minimise the risk of imbalanced loading and strain in the arms, shoulders, back and neck. But we also focus on accessories that form important components in an ergonomic work environment. Complement your workplace with Mousetrapper’s accessories, such as our standing desk mat, laptop/tablet stand and forearm supports. By looking at the whole picture, you can reduce the risk of pain and repetitive strain injuries,
thus creating a sustainable environment with a thriving workforce.