29 February 2024

Exciting research project
– AI helps increase efficiency in e-waste recycling

We are currently participating in a project at Chalmers Industriteknik, an integral part of Chalmers’ ecosystem for innovation and research.
The project is called AutoWEEEdakt II and uses artificial intelligence to improve sorting and increase efficiency in recycling electronic waste (WEEE).

There are many manual steps when recycling electronic waste, especially when it comes to pre-sorting. For long they have tried to automate, but it has been problematic because of the enormous variation incoming, and the number of electronic products grows exponentially.

Smart AI trained on image data

In the past, new innovative models have been developed to create AI-powered computer vision methods that categorize e-waste by observing manual sorting.

In this project, we will increase the amount of labelled image data to train our AI. This will hopefully reduce mis sorting as the trained AI models will improve their accuracy. We believe this will strengthen Sweden’s position as a pioneer in the recycling sector and demonstrate the country’s ability to keep up with the global development of applied AI solutions.

Since Mousetrapper’s products are recyclable, we look forward to seeing the outcome. There is much to gain if we can use intelligent solutions to remove bottlenecks that increase the recycling rate and contribute to increased circularity.


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