28 September 2021

Mousetrapper and the sustainable management

What is interesting about Mousetrapper is that it has a far-reaching ambition to produce ergonomic technology solutions as sustainably as possible as long as the world needs. This is how Gino Carciola, who works at MiljöMatematik and helps to improve the sustainability at Mousetrapper, starts.

I usually say that sustainability is not a condition, it is an act, and it is exciting to see what that journey looks like on Mousetrapper. The state we are in, today and tomorrow, is the result of the actions, decisions and choices we make every day. Here, sustainable management must be the driving force, with a holistic view of sustainability integrated within all processes. When you listen to the internal discussions, it has become part of the daily work conversations. And that is good. It takes a deep understanding to realize that it is not possible to settle down and be happy with what you have accomplished – we must dare to be questionable. It is crucial to find the delicate balance between what is possible today and what is required to realize the company’s mission.

There must be a central knowledge and awareness about where you stand today and what you want to achieve to succeed. Sustainable corporate governance is crucial, and it’s not just about those who lead today. Several parameters are relatively easy to solve quickly, but where do we stand in 20 years? It is a much bigger issue affected by today’s decisions and goals, says Gino Carciola.