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Reprogram your buttons to adapt your Mousetrapper to your needs – with MT Keys.

Connect the battery in the battery compartment and then connect the USB cable to charge until the LED is green. Then disconnect the cable and open the computers bluetooth menu and connect to ”Prime ble”. Your Mousetrapper is now connected, and its keys can be used as shown here.

The battery in the Mousetrapper needs charging when the battery indicator flashes red. Connect the Mousetrapper using the included USB cable and allow it to charge until the LED indicator shines green.

Customize the buttons

Basic tips

Position your Mousetrapper between you and your keyboard. The space bar on the keyboard should be directly in front of the control pad, as shown above. If you have a low keyboard, unfold the keyboard support from underneath your Mousetrapper and place the keyboard on top of it.

To scroll using the control pad, place your finger on the right edge of the control pad. There is no need to press on the control pad, simply slide your finger up or down the edge, depending on which way you want to scroll.

The product is configured for PC on delivery. To configure it for Mac, simultaneously press and hold the lower right button and the lower left button (Copy and Paste) for 3–4 seconds. The LED will flash red to confirm the configuration. Repeat the procedure to change back to PC configuration.

The pads can be replaced when they are worn out. To remove a pad, insert a flat tool between the frame and the Mousetrapper and gently prise the frame/pad out of the Mousetrapper. You can order new pads via your dealer or directly from Mousetrapper.

Mousetrapper MT Keys

Customising the button functions

We understand the importance of a customized user experience. Just as some people want their screen at a specific angle or their table at a specific height, we believe it should be easy to customize a computer mouse. Thanks to our app, you can make your Mousetrapper unique by configuring the key functions to suit the way you work.

MT Keys makes working with a computer easier!

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