Armrest Split

Our most flexible armrest that doesn’t compromise on ergonomics, whether used together with
a Mousetrapper or other equipment. Our smart armrest helps the user relieve strain on the neck, shoulders, back and arms and can be adjusted to fit each individual’s unique needs. This flexibility is particularly valuable for those at risk of developing repetitive strain injuries.

Benefits of
Armrest Split

Thanks to its split and flexible design, this product offers high adaptability and comfort. The armrest allow individual adjustment of each part, enabling the user to rotate and shift the supports in different directions to optimize their working position.

The armrest Split is made from high-quality materials and is covered in black faux leather, making it easy to clean and disinfect. This armrest is compatible with most desks with a tabletop thickness of up to 35 mm, thanks to the adjustable brackets included.


Dimensions and weight refer to one piece, always delivered in pairs.
Width: 305 mm
Depth: 195 mm
Height: 24 mm
Weight: 826 g
Product code: TB217

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