A collaboration between WA Ergo Supplies and Mousetrapper.

Why Mousetrapper?

Pain in your arm, shoulder or neck? Mousetrapper is the mouse alternative that prevents RSI and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse. Because Mousetrapper is positioned centrally in front of the keyboard it encourages an ergonomically healthy position that keeps your arms close to your body and your hands near the keyboard.

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Mousetrapper Alpha + Laptop Stand

The Alpha Compact Keyboard paired with the Laptop Stand has been designed to improve the way you work from your laptop. With more and more people working remotely its more important than ever to make sure you are setup correctly.

The Alpha is the world’s first centered ergonomic pointing device with a full-sized, integrated keyboard. It has a total of 19 programmable keys, making it our most dynamic Mousetrapper to date.

Limited time offer: $599

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About WA Ergo Supplies

WA Ergo Supplies is part of the WA Supplies family of business which has been operating in Perth, Western Australia for over 40 years.

They have a strong focus on helping their clients to find the ‘right’ product for them. They do that by:

  • Giving their clients choice and the ability to trial a product before purchase
  • Working closely with health professionals to find specific products for a clients set of circumstances.
  • Researching new and innovative products.
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