Get started with your Mousetrapper


Plug one end of the supplied cable into the outlet on the left side of your Mousetrapper. Plug the other end into a USB port on your computer. Once your Mousetrapper has been connected, the device and its buttons will work as shown in the instructions in the Quick Start Guide (included in the box and can be downloaded from this page).


Wireless use

Mousetrapper Prime: Remove the USB dongle from the right side of the product and plug it into a USB port on your computer, then disconnect the USB cable.

Mousetrapper Flexible: Remove the USB dongle from the right side of the product and plug it into a USB port on your computer, then disconnect the USB cable. Next, depress the On/Off button on your Mousetrapper for around 3-5 seconds.

Mousetrapper Alpha: Slide the power switch on the bottom to the ON position. Once your Mousetrapper has been discovered, you’ll see a flashing blue light. Then, simply pair it using your computer’s Bluetooth menu. Once your Alpha has been connected to the computer, the blue LED will flash on and off in a rapid sequence before shutting off.

Basic tips

Positioning (all products aside from Alpha):
Place the Mousetrapper between your body and the keyboard. The space bar of the keyboard should be just in front of the Control Pad. If you have a low-profile keyboard, unfold the keyboard pad located on the underside of your Mousetrapper and set your keyboard on top of it (not available on the Mousetrapper Flexible).

Positioning (Alpha):
Place the Alpha close to your body, in front of your monitor or laptop.

Scrolling: To scroll, place your finger on the right edge of the Control Pad. You do not need to press down on the Control Pad. Just trace your finger lightly up or down along the edge.


Customize your experience with MT Keys

MT Keys allows you to choose which functions to assign to the programmable buttons. You can download the software by visiting and selecting either MT Keys for Windows or for OS X. Then, just follow the instructions!

Once MT Keys has finished downloading, an image of your product will appear. Move the cursor to the button whose function you would like to change. Click on it by lightly pressing down on the Control Pad one time. The drop-down menu that appears allows you to select what you would like the button to do – you can choose anything from adding a frequently-used button combination to inserting a text string, where the exact text can be added later.

MT Keys is available for all products with the exception of Mousetrapper Lite.

Keep your Mousetrapper updated!

MT Keys also allows you to download important software upgrades for your product.* When the app is running, available upgrades are indicated by a blinking cloud icon. Click on this icon to download the latest version of the software. Don’t just squeak by! Open MT Keys on a regular basis to ensure your Mousetrapper is always fed with the latest updates.

*Applies to Mousetrapper Alpha.